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ELF Parenting Skills

What is E.L.F?

Does your child get cross and frustrated?

Do they find it hard to deal with their emotions?

Would you like some strategies to help them (and you) cope?

Then you are not alone...Find new ways to communicate, different ideas to try out and new activities to enjoy...

E.L.F. (Early Learning Fun) is a service for parents and their children which offers a wide variety of activities designed to provide a positive experience for both parties.  E.L.F. is a unique service in providing a series of parent/child programmes specific to your individual needs:

  • shyness
  • poor interaction
  • anxieties
  • listening skills
  • connecting with your child
  •  improving communication


What does E.L.F. involve?

E.LF “makes connections through creative play”.  Each course is individually designed following discussions with parent/care giver.   Maximum benefit can be achieved with full attendance and your support in joining in the sessions. .

“When parents enter their child's world of play and imagination, the child blossoms with more confidence to explore and learn. Time spent playing with mum or dad contributes to healthy emotional development and will also build trust between parent and child.”

What benefits will you get from E.L.F?

E.L.F. aims to address concerns raised by both parents and the school.  Issues covered with previous groups have included shyness, poor listening skills, confidence building and coping with feelings.

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